PC Luggage, PP Luggage, Aluminium Alloy Luggage, Soft Luggage


Business Backpack, Kids Schoolbag, Fashion Lady Bag

Cooler Box

Cooler Box for Fresh Delivery Carry, Outdoor Camping, Fishing, Tail-party etc.

Lighter and Freely

Make Extremely “Light”

Concentrating on details, like textures, frame, components, we start with mechanics to make products more light and portable.

New Arrivals


1564 Aluminum Frame Luggage

Built-in three-section adjusting pull rod, which is made by pure aluminium alloy, durable and not easy to fade and wall thickness of rod increased to bear violent crash.

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1968 PC Luggage

After 19 rounds of ingenuity and crafts, Binhao presents you an ideal luggage, with which you will never fear instant travel.

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1971PC Luggage

With built-in weighing handle, luggage weighs itself. Press button and pick it up for 2s and put it down, you know the total weight well.

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More Firm, More Durable

Create Extremely Strong Products

Concentrating on details, like textures, structure, accessory, according to mechanics principle, making products more light and portable.
Play full use of technology to achieve smart travel

Black technology helps explore the future life.

Exploring new application of smart travel and new products development, in the future, Binhao will bring about more valuable items in luggage&backpack industry.

Follow Automatically

The function of recognizing human body

GPRS Smart Positioning

Automatic Alarm

Detachable Portable Power Source

Being used as power bank

畅玩科技 有“智”出行


探究智能出行新场景使用,新产品开辟。 将来,凯发将在智能箱包范畴提供更多有代价的产品。

Convenient Custom, Multiple Service

Follow your inclination and meet different demands

Provide custom service of global designers, authorization of well-known game and cartoon IP and flexible custom service. All-round service is provided to increase the competition of clients in the market.

Exhibition News


2020 Spring New Items Presentation

Show you the best travel products in 2020

New items of this season focus on light commerce, using latest material to create products of portability and high efficiency. ...

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